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Dwayne Flourney was arrested Wednesday for the brutal murders of his 76-year-old grandmother and 52-year-old father. After performing the murders, Flourney allegedly hid the bodies and then threw a house party in his Maplewood, New Jersey, home, reports The Star-Ledger.

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Essex County investigators say that last Saturday, Dwayne, 26, repeatedly stabbed his grandmother Sandra Flourney, a retired Newark Public School system teacher, then stuffed her body into the trunk of a vehicle that was parked on his property.

Hours later, when Brian Flourney, a senior investigator with the state public defender’s office, arrived home, he, too, met the same fate as his mother:  Dwayne reportedly stabbed his father multiple times, dragged his body to the sun porch located at the back of the home, and covered it up with a sheet.

Investigators are still delving in to the possible motives behind the killings.

Newark Pastor Bryant Ali, who had a 40-year friendship with Brian Flourney, told the Star-Ledger that he and his son had a tempestuous relationship.  He said that Brian loved his son but had desperately been trying to keep him from going down the wrong path.

Dad had always been fighting to keep him out of trouble, they battled back and forth,’ Ali said in the report. ‘I don’t know what made it go all the way to this.

Ironically, Brian had dedicated his life to working with troubled youths and families for the last 20-plus years.

Reportedly after the double slayings, Dwayne then managed to put together a party for some friends.  There was liquor served and authorities state that no one was aware of the murders.

The bodies were discovered when Brian’s co-workers became suspicious that he had not shown up for work since last Friday.  There had been no calls placed by Brian alerting his place of employment that he would not be reporting to work.  Concerned co-workers contacted the Maplewood police on Tuesday, asking them to do a spot check at Brian’s home.  When police arrived at the property, they discovered the dead bodies.

Dwayne, who had left his home Sunday to stay with a girlfriend, was arrested by police, who haven’t divulged how they tracked him down.

An investigation of the Flourney home turned up a knife that is being categorized as the possible murder weapon.

Dwayne Flourney remains in custody and is facing two murder counts, along with two counts of felony murder and one count of receiving stolen property.


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