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It’s no wonder why the Sanford Police Department has yet to arrest the killer of Trayvon Martin. They have a history of NOT arresting offenders who assault black men.

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Justin Collison, the son of a Sanford police officer, was caught on camera sucker-punching homeless man Sherman Ware on December 4th in 2010. The officers on the scene did not arrest him that night. (An internal investigation cleared all of the officers of any wrongdoing, according to the Orlando Sentinel)

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It was only on January 3rd of 2011 that Collison voluntarily turned himself in. Oddly enough, Collison agreed to pay for the Ware’s medical bills and make donations to several non-profits, most notably the NAACP! He plead guilty to a misdemeanor and was placed on a year of probation in October of 2011, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

WATCH Extended Video Of Sanford Police Officer’s Son Sucker-Punching Black Homeless Man