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R&B crooner El DeBarge was arrested for drug possession in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon, reports TMZ.

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The former lead singer of the popular ’80s musical family group DeBarge was spotted allegedly conducting a drug deal in Encino, Calif., with another unidentified man.   DeBarge is reportedly being charged with possession for sale of narcotics.

The latest legal embroilment for the 50-year-old falsetto falls in line with most of his previous arrests, which were also drug related.  In 2001, DeBarge was arrested for cocaine possession and was granted probation.  Five years later, he was cuffed for possession of a controlled substance and was again placed on probation.  In 2007, he was slapped with a domestic dispute arrest, and a year after that, he was placed behind bars again for cocaine. Luckily, probation was his only punishment.

When DeBarge was arrested in 2008 for crack possession and drug paraphernalia, however, all bets were off because he had broken the terms of his probation. DeBarge was then sent to a California penitentiary to serve a two-year stint for the violations.

As a 25-year drug abuser who began using after he suffered migraines while as a member of the group DeBarge, the singer claimed to have been born-again and completely sober upon completing his prison stay in 2010.  In February of last year, DeBarge sought the services of a rehab facility for a reported relapse.

Only one year later, DeBarge was interviewed on this year’s Grammy Awards red carpet and talked about how Whitney Houston’s death affected him.  DeBarge gave a heartfelt speech about how much he cared for her and how he even had plans to accompany her on her next album.  The smooth vocalist even sang a few verses from Houston’s “You Give Good Love” and his rendition praised her by stating that “she gave good love.”

Sadly, the DeBarge siblings have gone public with their drugs and alcohol battles: brothers Chico, Bobby, Randy, Marty, Tommy, and sister Bunny have all fallen victim to the family curse.  Currently, James DeBarge, who was married briefly to pop icon Janet Jackson, was sent to jail last year on drug and assault with a deadly weapon charges.

In the meantime, El DeBarge was released from jail on a $30,000 bond.  He is due back in court next month.


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