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A leading dermatologist has stated that the styling practices of African-American women have serious consequences that can lead to scalp and hair disease, which is an issue that is apparently undervalued in the medical community. Consequently, Dr. Diane Jackson-Richards, M.D., director of the Henry Ford Hospital’s Multicultural Dermatology Clinic in Detroit, has said that her fellow dermatologists do not know how to properly treat Black hair and scalp issues.


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“Hair is an extremely important aspect of an African-American woman’s appearance,” said Dr. Jackson-Richards. “Yet, many women who have a hair or scalp disease do not feel their physician takes them seriously. Physicians should become more familiar with the culturally accepted treatments for these diseases.”

Some of the diseases associated with Black hair include alopecia, seborrheic dermatitis, tinea capitis, acne keloidalis, and other conditions. Still, many of our hair issues fail to be treated or diagnosed properly. Dr. Jackson-Richards hopes to change that.

Dr. Jackson-Richards will be speaking in San Diego this coming Monday at the annual American Academy of Dermatology conference for the presentation “Hair Disease and the African-American Patient.” The doctor says hair loss is reported often.

“Hair loss is the fifth most-common condition cited by patients when they visit their dermatologist,” says Dr. Jackson-Richards.

Dr. Jackson-Richards has suggested hair styling techniques to her patients, such as using natural oils, wearing braids less often and detangling hair with conditioner and wide combs.

Do you suffer from hair or scalp diseases?


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