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R&B legend Gladys Knight, in between her grueling ‘Dancing With the Stars’ (DWTS) routines, is allegedly trying to learn her lines for a TV show that has yet to be announced, according to TMZ.

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Production insiders for a show called “The First Family” — about a president who tries to balance career and a personal family life — told TMZ that Knight is set to star in a matriarchal role.  Knight, who is 67, will play the president’s mom on the series.

The show is being executive produced by comedian Byron Allen, who shot to fame as a TV show host for various programs that aired during the late seventies and eighties.  Allen is now the head of  Entertainment Studios, a broadcast syndication company responsible for producing and distributing several television shows pertaining to stand-up comedy and show business.

According to insiders, the series producers have been very accommodating to Knight with regards to her now tight schedule.  A major network has already shown an interest in the series and producers want to get the show into production pronto and seize the moment to capitalize on Knight’s current success run, as she basks in the DWTS limelight.

Allen told TMZ that “Gladys is truly an American treasure and we’re excited to work with her.”


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