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By Briana Lopes

George Zimmerman claims that he shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense, according to Sanford police. Although he still has yet to make a public statement — Zimmerman is thought to have gone into hiding — his official statement and account of what occurred the day that he shot and killed the unarmed teen has been unearthed by the Orlando Sentinel.

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The self-appointed neighborhood watchman was en-route to the supermarket when he noticed Trayvon walking through his “gated community.” In response to what he claims was suspicious behavior — Trayvon “acting strangely and perhaps on drugs”– Zimmerman called local police.

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Trayvon’s parents say he was visiting his father’s fiance, who lived in that community, and at the time Zimmerman spotted him, was returning from a near-by 7-Eleven convenience store.

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