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Robert Zimmerman, father of George Zimmerman, spoke publicly for the first time in an exclusive interview with My Fox 35 News in Orlando, Florida.


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In the nineteen minute interview, Zimmerman’s father went on the defensive saying that it was Martin, not his son, who was the aggressor. In fact, papa Zimmerman says Trayvon beat his son for more than a minute before trying to defend himself.

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Then, according to papa Zimmerman, Trayvon noticed little Zimmerman’s gun and then told him, “You’re gonna die now or you’re gonna die tonight.”

So, let us get this straight: Trayvon, who had significant weight disadvantage against a heavier Zimmerman, mercilessly beat him for a minute? For no reason? Papa Zimmerman then says that his son overpowered Trayvon and then shot him. Oh, no. This ain’t right.

Listen to the full interview for yourself below.

EXCLUSIVE: Robert Zimmerman interview: