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Former NBA power forward “Sir Charles” Barkley, who oozes masculinity from every orifice in his DNA, decided to show his softer side by donning a sexy black dress for an upcoming Weight Watchers commercial, reports USA Today.

The Weight Watchers promotion,”Lose Like a Man,” depicts Barkley in a sleeveless halter dress and showing off a pair of gams that only a mother can love.  The campaign will try to get the message across to viewers that dropping weight is just not a female thing to do.

Barkley claims to have packed on at least 100 pounds to his 6’6″ frame since he ended his b-ball career back in 2000. He attributed his weight gain to just eating junk food and being a “lazy ass.”  When doctors warned “The Round Mound of Rebound” that he was either going to wind up getting diabetes, having a stroke or dropping dead, he made up his mind to get the pounds off.

Since he was determined to get most of the weight off, Barkley knew his eating habits had to change. He was well aware that he had to incorporate veggies, which he had an aversion to, into his diet.  Barkley told People Magazine, “Before Weight Watchers,” he said, “I thought vegetables were all nasty! Weight Watchers has me eating cauliflower, brussels sprouts and asparagus, and I really, really like it.”

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The first 14 pounds Barkley managed to shed on his own, he then began the Weight Watchers last December.  The next 27-pound weight loss, he achieved with the help of the program which whittled him down to 309 pounds.  Instead of schlepping around a body that zapped his energy, now Barkley says he feel rejuvenated.  “I feel good. My body is starting to look like a person again! I’ve been fat for a long time,”  he told People Magazine.

You can catch Sir Charles and all of his slinkiness on the Weight Watchers commercial which is expected to begin airing on April 8.


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