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A high-level French government official has information on two of Barack Obama’s staunchest supporters during his 2008 run for the White House: The daughters of the former First Family, Bush girls, Jenna (Hager) (pictured left) and Barbara (pictured right), reports BuzzFeed.


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According to Jean-David Levitte, the former French Ambassador to the United States, George W. Bush backed John McCain in 2008, but confided that his daughters had an allegiance to Obama and enthusiastically supported him.

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Obama had an appeal that transcended all generations and, according to Levitte, Bush was well aware of this. “Bush believed that Obama would win because his twins swore by him,” he says.


The twin girls, whose party-hardy antics have made many a gossip columns, showed their admiration for the President by doing something that many found both touching and unorthodox. When Obama took office back in 2009, the Bush girls left his daughters Sasha and Malia an open letter. The missive reflected their formative experiences in the White House beginning as granddaughters to President George H.W. Bush. The twins provided a kind of rundown on what the Obama girls should expect as the nation’s first daughters.

Levitte also confessed that Bush told President Sarkozy he had early intelligence that Obama would be his White House successor.


Go figure?

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