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Calling all ice cream lovers!  Ben & Jerry’s is once again offering their “Free Cone Day” at participating scoop shops across the globe on Tuesday, April 3.

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Every year, the ice cream makers set aside one day to thank their customers for supporting them through the years.  At this year’s annual giveaway — B & J’s 34th anniversary — the company will spotlight their most-recent taste sensation, Greek Frozen Yogurt. The brand uses real Greek yogurt made through a traditional straining process that creates a thicker, creamier product.

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There are approximately 800 scoop shops in the world, and even though the fans of the product eagerly anticipate this day, the Vermont-based company has always placed philanthropy at the top of their financial agenda.

Founded by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, the two hippies were the poster boys for good corporate behavior.  They sought to always support the underdog.  The entrepreneurial duo looked to employ disadvantaged people at their factories, support farm workers, and put into place eco-friendly measures to make and package their products.  The men strove to create work environments where their employees were treated with decency and respect, were paid fairly and where the family unit was held in high regard.  Cohen and Greenfield were true representations of the counter culture.

In 2000, the Unilever Corporation purchased the company, though the company’s founders are still somewhat involved in certain aspects.  Their involvement ensures that the philanthropic deeds that serve as the cornerstones of Ben & Jerry’s will continue.  Both founders have used their fame to positively influence political, social and environmental movements.

To find out where your nearest scoop shop is located so that you can get your free cone between the hours of 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm, go to the Ben & Jerry’s website for more information.



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