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Somewhere between Toure’s new book and Herman Cain’s imploding campaign, post-Civil Rights Era babies are starting to wedge themselves neatly into the blurred definition of pro-Blackness. And while some have reported that Kwanzaa, the only holiday to gain traction as an homage to being distinctly African in homogenized spaces, is on the decline since its launch in 1966, there are still millions of people who celebrate the holiday worldwide. Check out these seven celebrities who have been known to take part in the seven day ceremony.

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1. Dr. Maya Angelou, author, poet

2. Chuck D, rapper, author, co-founder of Public Enemy

3. Jim Brown, actor, former NFL star

4. Oprah Winfrey, producer, philanthropist, actress

5. Holly Robinson Peete, actress, singer

6. Synthia Saint James, international award-winning artist (who designed the first Kwanzaa U.S. postal stamp)

7. Angelina Jolie, actress, director (who celebrates variety of cultural holidays in raising her multicultural family of adopted children)