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PS3 Move Bundle – Under $300.00

Xbox360 Kinect bundle –  $339.00

I had the XBox360 for quite some time, however, there were a few things I was missing from the repertoire. Namely, another system. Having procured both major systems ensures that I will have access to the top games for both platforms at my whim. I can also choose which online community I want to interact with. If the person your thinking of purchasing for has one system and loves it chances are they will enjoy another game system as well unless they are just rabid fan-boys of a particular platform. That said, getting a bundle will provide the most “bang” for your buck. You can get a game as well as the cool features that come along with the motion controllers for the PS3 or the XBox360. They also don’t have to go out and purchase those items later. You would do well to note that both platforms support apps like Netflix and music/movie downloads however Xbox Live costs about $60.00 per year while the Playstation Network is free.


iPad2 – from 499.00

Kindle Fire: 199.99

Asus Transformer Prime:  from 499.00

You can read our brief write-up on these tablets here. The iPad 2 is the most prestigious of the bunch and comes with the most apps tailored for the tablet experience. However, if the iPad doesn’t quite satisfy the pallet, you can choose from other tablets most of which run some derivative of Android’s operating system. The Kindle Fire has a completely tricked-out user interface and is centered around its Amazon store. You can purchase reading material  and store your purchases in the cloud. The Asus Transformer Prime will be the first Quad Core Tegra 3 device. It will also be upgraded to Google’s latest flavored OS called Ice-Cream Sandwich.

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