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Baseball superstar Torii Hunter of the Los Angeles Angels says police officers pulled guns on him in his own house in Newport, California, TMZ reports.

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Hunter took to Twitter yesterday to give his account of events that lead to his encounter with California’s finest. First, he admits that he mistakenly switched off his alarm. But Hunter did feel that the cops took their investigation too far.

Here are a few of the tweets on the incident:

6:21 P.M., April 4th, Hunter tweeted: My alarm went off in my house while I was in it. 20mins later I saw cops checking out the scene. Went outside and they drew there guns on me.

6:25 P.M., April 4th: They didn’t believe I lived here in Newport coast so they walked me upstairs at gunpoint to get my ID.

6:27 P.M., April 4th: When I showed him my ID, he said I’m an angel fan hope u guys have a great season. ARE U KIDDING ME!!!!!! Lol

Hunter, it seems, had a right to feel miffed at the officers’ attitude towards him. Think about it; If the cop was really an Angels fan, wouldn’t he have known that Hunter was the team’s superstar center fielder?!? Or was it that he saw a black man in an expensive house and figured the worse that blinded his thinking? What is really bad about this incident is Hunter’s backtracking. His follow-up tweets are below:

7:58 P.M., April 4th: Hey Twitterland! I’m not upset that the cops did their job today. I’m actually glad they were protecting home.

OK. Hunter, perhaps prompted by the suits in the Angels organization, decided to tamper down the twitter talk. But he didn’t stop there.

8:02 P.M., April 4th: It was my fault that the alarm went off anyways. I just thought it was cool to let u guys know my awkward moment for today.

8:17 P.M., April 4th: The cops that were here today had there guns drawn but pointed downward in for safety. Those guys handled the situation like trained cops.

Did they really, Mr. Hunter? First, he expressed his anger over the incident. Most all black folks can relate to it. Remember Henry Louis Gates? Well, Hunter didn’t outright say he was racially profiled. But, I think we all got that from his tweets. Then, all of a sudden, he backs off completely. One has to wonder whether Hunter was forced to swallow his true feelings to placate the establishment he works for?

In any case, Hunter took his backtracking too far. His follow-up tweets give the impression that he lacks the fortitude to stand by his word. Here is his Twitter page. Read the tweets from April 4th and let us know what you think.

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