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FBI investigators are looking to find an alleged sex trafficker Marquist Bradford (pictured) who pimps out young girls then brags about his finds via his Twitter account, reports the Smoking Gun.

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Federal agents obtained a sealed arrest warrant for Bradford who has been charged with the felony sex trafficking of minors by force, fraud, or coercion, which carries a sentence of 15 years to life.

The Sacramento, California-based wannabe rapper, aka “King Kutta Mackin,” has been on the FBI’s radar since last February, when a 15-year-old girl told police that she fled from her pimp, whom she identified as Bradford.  A court filing indicates that Bradford has a lengthy history of pimping minors and allegedly utilizes certain online sites to advertise his women.   The 26-year-old posted such tweets as:

@king_kutta, describes him as a “fresh fly nigga love doin me and love liven!!$$ money is my movation and bein broke is my Fear!” In a tweet yesterday, Bradford, pictured above, wrote, “Just put a new bitch down $$ let’s see if she can keep dis money comin round $.”

The teen revealed to police that she had made several attempts to run away from her aunt’s house.  The unidentified girl also admitted that she had been tapped by several pimps over the course of 18 months to prostitute herself, which she did wind up doing.  The girl reportedly stumbled upon Bradford when she was introduced to him by a 17-year-old prostitute named  “Princess,” who was part of Bradford’s stable.

After the 15-year-old girl developed a Facebook friendship with Bradford over the course of several weeks, he sent her a bus ticket to travel from her home in Fresno to meet him in Sacramento.

Upon meeting Bradford, the young girl began to live with him in his apartment.   Bradford reportedly wasted no time in promoting the child as a prostitute on various escort service websites.  The girl told investigators that she prostituted herself for Bradford for two weeks and worked in various California cities.  She also told federal agents she believed that the 17-year-old prostitute had been working for Bradford for at least three years.

The young girl allegedly left Bradford’s stable, after he reportedly beat her up severely for being disobedient. She also told law enforcement that he had assaulted Princess in a similar manner a few days earlier.

FBI agents are looking for Bradford and have monitored his Facebook page in an effort to pinpoint his location.  According to investigators, Bradford seems to be on-the-move, and could be in Chicago, New York, or Virginia.  He was pictured on Facebook in one photo holding a Louis Vuitton duffle bag (pictured top) with a caption that read:

“#Ustunttin When you’re louie bag coust more than niggas cars$$.”

Two other Facebook pictures depict obscene amounts of money in a box and open bag (pictured directly above).

Bradford’s Facebook and Twitter accounts have since been shut down.


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