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Damn, Urkel! According to Jaleel White‘s baby mama Bridget Hardy (pictured below with their daughter Samaya), White admitted to physically abusing her under oath, reports RadarOnline.

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In an interview, Hardy says that White’s admission to abusing her during their relationship is in a private deposition. According to Hardy, back in 2010, White was an abusive, cheating boyfriend who hit her so hard, that at one point, their toilet broke:

He hit me across the chest area. He pushed me into the toilet, and it broke. Water went everywhere, through the walls and even to the kitchen downstairs,” she says.  “Verbally and emotionally, he’s abusive. He told me I’m not working; I have no money; I’m white trash. None of it was true.

Even though White and Hardy broke up back in 2010, their tumultuous relationship came to the fore as White became a headliner for this season’s “Dancing With the Stars.”

White was originally promoted by “Dancing with the Stars” as the squeaky-clean beloved throwback from “Family Matters.” Soon after the popular show’s announcement, though, Star magazine featured an exclusive interview with Hardy, who shocked many with her claims of a philandering, abusive ex-boyfriend, effectively turning White’s fuzzy, warm image on its head.

Initially, White denied Hardy’s claims, painting her as a bitter and opportunistic ex:

“There was no verbal abuse,” he said. “Couples argue, that’s normal. I’m not going to pretend like we didn’t have any arguments, obviously we broke up.

“But to say verbal abuse, and to come out with that during ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ when this is an old child custody case matter that was settled in 2010, this is not a new story — it was an attack on my joy.”

As the weeks have passed, though, White has “danced around” Hardy’s claims, even admitting on “Entertainment Tonight” on Wednesday that a domestic violence report was indeed filed against him.

Seemingly worried about tarnishing his image after the hitting incident, White  reportedly also tried to delete the photos of the broken toilet on Hardy’s phone:

“When he put my stuff in storage, he deleted 3,000 photos on my computer. He knew I had the photo of the toilet busted, but he didn’t know I had it on my phone. I think he was looking for that photo,” Bridget revealed when talking about the time she claims he forced her to move out of their shared home.

[In the Urkel voice,] “Jaleel, did you do that?!”


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