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Oprah Winfrey will be in Dallas on Easter Sunday to have a sit-down with T.D. Jakes. Her interview with the mega church pastor will delve into issues of race, faith, ego and love. Oprah will also talk to Jake’s wife, Serita Jakes, (pictured), about her marriage to the evangelical superstar.

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Jakes is the senior pastor at The Potter’s House, a non-denominational mega church with more than 30,000 members sitting in its pews.

Time Magazine featured Jakes on the front cover of its September 17th, 2001 issue with the accompanying phrase “Is This Man the Next Billy Graham?” He has authored more than 30 books, many of them New York Times bestsellers.

Jakes’ ministry spans the world and has a strong focus on Africa. The Potter’s House also spearheaded a drive that supplied water wells, medicine, and ministry to thousands of people in Nairobi, Kenya. The 55-year-old pastor’s conferences easily draw thousands of attendees.

Check out Jakes’ and Oprah’s meeting-of-the-minds discussion in a preview here.


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