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Mike Wallace‘s death at 93 has left a enormous vacuum in the journalism world. He was as hard-nosed (and, sometimes, hardheaded) as they came.

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He never backed down from asking any of the men or women he interviewed tough questions. If that meant they would not give him a second interview, that was fine. Wallace likely more than made up for the loss of a second go-around with a classic, first “interrogation” as some of his colleagues referred to his style of questioning.

But what many media outlets may not focus on was that he interviewed some of the greatest leading African-Americans of our time. Wallace is one of the few living journalists who interviewed both Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Below, are a few of snippets from some of his most memorable interviews with high-profile African-Americans.

1)  Malcolm X

2) Interview With Coretta Scott King And Family After Her Husband’s Assassination

3) Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

4) Lawrence Taylor

5) Thurgood Marshall

6) Morgan Freeman On Black History Month


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