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Lil Wayne‘s entourage is accused of physically assaulting a photographer and destroying his bicycle, according to TMZ.

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A police report obtained by TMZ states that Wayne and his crew were skateboarding outside of a Miami Beach church, right near a sign that clearly reads, “No skateboarding.”

The unidentified paparazzi began snapping away at the men. Soon it began to rain and the men made a beeline for their car.

The photographer continued snapping away the Grammy Award-winning rapper even when he and his entourage were already in their car.

Wayne allegedly ordered his crew to confiscate the photographer’s camera, according to the police document.  Reportedly, eight men surrounded the photographer and tried to bully him into deleting his pictures of Wayne.  The victim went on to state that he was spat on, pushed to the ground and that his bicycle received a vicious battering by someone using a skateboard.

The photographer stated that he somehow managed to escape the violent incident and went directly to the Miami Beach Police Station where he filed a complaint.

Wayne is an avid skateboarder. Just last summer, he received nine stitches after falling from his board. He told MTV News in an interview last year, “I always get injured, but I never get an injury where I can’t get back on the board.”


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