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Updated: 12:46 A.M. EST:

More details emerge in the tragic triple homicides in Minnesota. CBS Minnesota reports:

Police Inspector Todd Milburn said the mother dropped off her child at the house and spoke with someone there. As she was leaving, she saw a man near the house on foot, and something about him raised her suspicions.

The woman called the day care and was talking to someone at the house when the line went dead, Milburn said. She returned to the home and found three people had been shot. She grabbed her child and called 911.

There have still been no arrests in this case.


DeLois Brown, 59, owner of Visions and Butterflies Day, and her parents,  Clover Bolden, 81, James Bolden, 83, were all found shot to death in their home Monday morning, reports the Star Courier.

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The elderly couple had just moved to Minnesota to live with their widowed daughter last week and reportedly spent the majority of their time volunteering at churches and women’s shelters.

The horrific discovery was made by a woman who had just dropped her 3-year-old toddler off at the home-run daycare. Spotting a “suspicious” man lurking close to the home as she drove away, she swiftly doubled back to pick up her child. On the way there, she tried to call Ms. Brown. Someone answered the phone but the call was ended abruptly. As the mother approached the home, she saw the same man riding a BMX bike.

Upon entering the home, she immediately saw her child — and the three dead bodies.

James Bolden, Jr. said that he learned of the triple homicide when he received a call from his son:

… He said that one of my nieces and my other son had called him and were all hysterical and telling him that something is going on over at the house,” said Bolden. “”My niece said, ‘They’re all gone.'”

18-year-old neighbor, Hakeem Hughes, heard screaming coming from the direction of the house at approximately 6:30 a.m. He said that he didn’t pay attention to them because children always play in the area. When he left to catch the school-bus, police told him to go back home because a gunman was in the area. Two colleges were also shut-down while the frantic search continued.

Authorities are investigating the murders and to date have neither leads nor suspects.

A $10,000 reward is being offered for any information that leads to an arrest in this case.


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