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A piece released earlier this week from Kansas City Star reporter Debra-Lynn B. Hook highlighted a trip she took to Washington to visit her son.

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During her time in the nation’s capital, Ms. Hook encountered an African-American psychology professor speaking boldly and proudly of how he raises his teenage son in the wake of the Trayvon Martin tragedy.

While attending the politically liberal and progressive Unitarian-Universalist All Souls Church, the professor took to the pulpit as is customary for the church to have a variety of guest speakers that represent the community.

“”I am afraid for my own son, yes,” said Dr. Ronald E. Hopson, speaking about his 15-year-old son in attendance. “I have my own level of fear just by being a black man having been stopped by police, because every black man I know has been stopped by police.”

Ms. Hook caught up with Dr. Hopson after the service, where he revealed candidly why he raises his son in his prideful nature. “”But I refuse to put this risk on my son,” he shared. “People say I should make him shuffle and bow. But I refuse to make my son shuffle and bow. I refuse to teach my son to try to make himself smaller to fit the size other people try to project on him.”

You can read more of Debra-Lynn B. Hook’s piece by clicking here.


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