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Members of his own political party have branded him a “flip-flopper,” an “Etch-a-Sketch candidate,” and accused of being full of “pious baloney” and completely out of touch with the lives of average Americans — largely attributed to his own verbal gaffes. Yet, according to Mitt Romney, he’s not only out of touch with one person: President Obama. The now apparent GOP presidential nominee was quoted in a recent interview dismissing talk that he’s too far removed from the lives of the public that he seeks to serve in the White House by singling out the person currently in charge of that responsibility.

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From CBS News:

Romney dismissed a question posed to him in an interview on Fox News about the perception that he doesn’t understand the problems of average Americans. “The campaign started yesterday – the general election campaign,” he said, arguing that voters would get to know him better over the next seven months while also taking a closer look at the president.

“They’ll look at his record, which ultimately is the record upon which a campaign is going to be waged. But the person I’m out of touch with is Barack Obama,” Romney said. “I’m in touch with the American people. They want to see good jobs and rising incomes.”

Romney has made several references to his wealth that have been interpreted poorly, including remarks about his friends who own sports teams and his wife’s two Cadillacs. Mr. Obama, meanwhile, scores higher than Romney on poll questions about who better understands people’s problems.

Imagine that.

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