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Former NYPD detective Gescard Isnora, who was recently fired for the 2006 shooting death of Sean Bell on the night before his wedding, is finally speaking to the media and his statements could easily be characterized as cruel and insensitive.

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The Huffington Post Black Voices:

I’m not looking back, no apologies, no regrets,” he told NBC New York in an exclusive interview. “I came to grips with what I did. I am able to sleep at night. I am here talking to you.”

Isnora and three other undercover cops fired 50 shots at Bell and his three friends who were leaving Bell’s bachelor party the night of November 16th. The groom-to-be died of his wounds. It was the night before his wedding.

Isnora maintains he heard one of Bells’s friend, Joseph Guzman, say “Go get my gun,” after the bachelor party was involved in an altercation with another man, Fabio Coicou. Isnora said he believed the men were going to their vehicle to retrieve a gun.

After the driver of the car rammed itself into a police van, Isnora thought he saw Guzman reach for a gun and began to fire.

In fact, all of the men were unarmed.

“I was fed to the wolves if, you know, you wanna use that,” Isnora told NBC of his firing. “That’s exactly what the Commissioner and the Mayor did.”

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