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If you’ve been wondering what the second half of Milli Vanilli is doing these days, Fabrice Morvan (pictured) is doing just fine. So much so, that he recently took it upon himself to sound off on the state of today’s music. According to Morvan, even though his ’90s group was stripped of their awards for faking their vocals, several of music’s top artists are doing the same thing he and partner Rob Pilatus did in their short-lived heyday.

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While Morvan didn’t point any fingers, he did mention that artists who use auto-tune are pretending to sing when they actually can’t:

“There is no difference between what I did back then and what people are doing now. If you wanna break it down, people might say, ‘Well you didn’t sing’ … but the fact of the matter is … now the machines are doing it. I ain’t pointing the finger, but if you’re doing all this and you’re not performing the song live … then you’re not doing anything different from what I did.”

Pop artists, such as T-Pain, have established their entire careers on auto-tune. Even mega-star Kanye West employed auto-tune for his hit album “808 and Heartbreak.”

Back in the ’90s, Morvan’s Germany-born Milli Vanilli took America by storm with hits, such as “Girl You Know It’s True.” Soon after the eponymous album nabbed the Best New Artist award, though, it was revealed that the group did not actually sing the vocals on the album.

After being publicly stripped of their Grammy and humiliated, Milli Vanilli became the butt of most jokes and were continously spoofed in following years. Morvan and Pilatus attempted a failed comeback, with “The Real Milli Vanilli,” and then they attempted solo careers that never took off. Tragically, Pilatus died of a drug overdose in 1998.

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