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Ten percent of people who send sexy text messages deliver them to the wrong person such as their friend or, worse yet, their parents!

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The Daily Mail reports that more than 47 percent of Brits send ‘sexts’ to their significant other and one and seven of those people delete their sexts so that they won’t be caught getting freaky with the mobile.

The poll of 2,000 mobile users conducted by also reveals that nearly one in five mobile phone users risk their relationships by sexting someone other than their partner.

The Daily Mail has more:

Hannah Bouckley, editor of, said: ‘Our research reveals that sexting and romantic video calling has clearly become more commonplace in today’s society as people get more and more confident with their smartphones and using texts to conduct relationships.

‘For those of you who are doing so, make sure you password-protect you phone – and your partner’s.’

The research comes after reports a young woman was shocked to find her deleted naked photos from her broken iPhone recovered by a repairman who displayed them openly in a phone store in China’s Zhejiang Province.

How many of you have sexted the wrong person or had a freaky photo of yourself leaked mistakenly?


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