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Venus Green, 90, locked a Baltimore City Police Officer in her basement after being accused of shooting her grandson in her private home, the Daily Mail reports.

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In July of 2009, Green’s grandson, Tallie, was shot and wounded. While Tallie says he was shot at a convenience store, the cops who were called to Green’s west Baltimore neighborhood to investigate a shooting said Tallie was shot in her house and, in fact, accused her of being the possible shooter.

The Daily Mail has more:

‘Police kept questioning him. They wouldn’t let the ambulance attendant treat him,” Green said.

‘So, I got up and said, ‘Sir, would you please let the attendants treat him? He’s in pain,’ Green said.

Green said the officer said to her, ‘Oh, you did it, come on, let’s go inside. I’ll prove where that blood is. You did it.’

Police wanted to go the basement, where Tallie lived, but Green refused on the basis that the police did not have a warrant.

‘I said, ‘No, you don’t have a warrant. You don’t go down in my house like that. He wasn’t shot in here.’ Green said the officer replied, ‘I’m going to find that gun. I’m going to prove that you did it.’

‘He dragged me, threw me across the chair, put handcuffs on me and just started calling me the ‘b’ name. He ridiculed me,’ Green said.

‘This was my private home, and if I latched it, that was my prerogative because he had no search warrant to go in my basement. So, I had to right to latch it.’

That’s right, grandma! Eventually, the City of Baltimore awarded Green $95,000 after she initially sued for $6 million over the incident.

Check out the Daily Mail for the rest of this story.


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