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The case of Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik, the admitted killer of 77 people in a bombing and the Labor Party youth camp slaughter, has taken a bizarre turn. Breivik, 33, has accused court officials in Norway of what he feels is an elaborate racist plot crafted to paint him as insane.

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Breivik, who fashions himself as an anti-Muslim militant, told Norwegian court officials Monday that he was in control of his actions that led to the killings and seemingly wants to be recognized for his crime as a twisted beacon of  justice, saying that if he were a “bearded jihadist” he’d be taken more seriously. Breivik added, “But because I am a militant nationalist, I am being subjected to grave racism. They are trying to delegitimize everything I stand for.”

Jon Hestnes, who heads a support group for the victims’ families, spoke frankly about Breivik’s loose hold on reality regarding his actions.

“He’s not in our world. He isn’t, and he doesn’t have humanity at all. The way I slap little mosquitoes in the summer, that’s how he is about human lives,” Hestnes said.

Amazingly, if Breivik is found sane and fit for trial, he would serve only 21 years in prison with a potential for more time if he is deemed a danger to society. If found insane, he would be held in a ward until doctors deem him fit to reenter society


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