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In New York, Westchester County’s police force has found themselves in yet another shooting that some are saying was motivated by racist and overzealous officers. The shooting death of Kenneth Chamberlain is just another in a long and oddly familiar set of issues walloping the Westchester community, prompting a prominent preacher to levy charges of racism.


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Pastor Calvin O. Butts of the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem said on Sunday during a service that the killing was “yet another racially charged murder of an African-American man.” Chamberlain was killed by police last November, who say that the shooting was an act of self-defense. Rev. Butts and others aren’t convinced. Chamberlain’s son, Kenneth, and his family are seeking justice in the case.

“My father is not here anymore,” the younger Chamberlain said at a news conference held at Butts’ church. “I refuse to mourn him until there is some justice for my father. And when I say that, I mean indictments. Criminal indictments.”

For residents of Westchester County, Chamberlain’s case evokes memories of Danroy Henry, a college football player shot dead by police last October. Support is growing for the Chamberlain family as USA Today reports actress Ruby Dee’s son-in-law is serving as the attorney in the case.


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