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U.S. Secret Service men aren’t the only guardians of our great country who like to be, how shall we say it, serviced!

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News broke today that three marines and an embassy official hired prostitutes they met in a night club in the Brazilian capital of Brasilia back in November, the Daily Mail reports.

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What is worse is that one of the marines tossed one of the prostitutes, Romilda Ferreira, out of the moving U.S. government-owned van they were driving that night.

The Daily Mail has more:

According to a Brazilian police investigation, the four U.S. Embassy officials had visited a nightclub in the centre of Brasilia where they had hired a group of prostitutes.

The three marines on a U.S. Embassy security team, and an Embassy staff member, were pulled out of the country before police were able to press charges, it was claimed

One of the Americans and at least one woman left the club by taxi, but Ms Ferreira and another women got into an official U.S. Embassy van with the other three men.

As they pulled away there was a discussion about how much the women were to be paid, and one of the marines pushed Ms Ferreira out of the car, where she ended up being run over by the vehicle.

Speaking to the Jornal Nacional news programme, Romilda said she tried to hold on to the door but was dragged under the wheels.

She said: ‘I tried to get up and grabbed the doorknob. That was when they told the driver to go. Then I felt my leg burning. I let go and fell underneath the van. I hit my head and passed out.’

The marines and embassy official reportedly left the scene without offering the woman assistance. The U.S. Embassy in Brazil reportedly paid Ms Ferreira’s medical expenses.

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said all of the parties involved were punished when asked about the incident by a Brazilian reporter during a recent press conference. “Those who have been involved are no longer in this country and were severely punished,” Fox News quotes Panetta saying to reporters in Brazil. “That kind of behavior is not acceptable.”

Go to the Daily Mail for more on this story.


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