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Fans of the VH1 hit reality show “Basketball Wives” (BBW) have had it up to here with the violence and bully tactics of one of its standout members, the hot-headed drama queen Evelyn Lozada.  After four seasons of constant bickering, verbal abuse, hitting and the flinging of objects at co-stars,  a fan of the show, Alex M., started an online petition on, asking the show’s producers to not reward Lozada with a reality show spinoff for her circus animal antics on “BBW.”

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The petition states:

This is not a hate petition against Evelyn Lozada. We simply will not support violence. It hurts to see violence amongst women on television for entertainment purposes. It is not ok for women to hit each other on TV.

Lozada, who is engaged to NFL player Chad Ochocinco will star in an upcoming reality show entitled, “EV and Ocho” on VH1.  Thus far, the petition against Lozada’s mean girl behavior has garnered nearly 6,000 signatures.

On this current season of “BBW,” Lozada has managed to get into screamfests with co-star Jennifer Williams.  She also hit Williams on the head with a clutch purse and threw a wine bottle at castmate Kenya Bell.  At another “BBW” group function, Lozada, who had been sitting diagonally across the table from Williams, became enraged when Williams made a comment about her assistant, Nia Crooks. The Latin spitfire climbed on the dining table, ran across, and tried to lunge at Williams.

Lozada has brought drama to the show since its inception and with each season, her anger only seems to intensify.  As the Mother of a young college-age woman, Lozada is being criticized as not being a dignified example of a woman her child can look up to.

If you agree with Alex M. and all of the thousands of other “BBW” viewers who are fed up with the display of violence, vulgarity, and disgraceful shenanigans of Lozada on the show, sign the petition!

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