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Over the years Ray J has been linked to a number of older women, most notably the late Whitney Houston and rapper Lil’ Kim. So, there’s no shame in Brandy’s brother’s game when it comes to mature loving, but is it currently on the hunt for a cougar with a lot of credit on her card to spare? That’s what one gossip blogger is alleging.

Here’s what gossiper Janet Charlton had to say on her site:

Whitney Houston’s boy toy Ray J is looking for a Sugar Mama. Ray, who costarred in Kim Kardashian’s famous sex tape, works out at 24 Hour Fitness in West LA. A lot of wealthy, attractive, but not-so-young women from the West side congregate for pilates and yoga classes at this health club. We’ve been told that Ray J hangs around the entrance and watches to see what kind of cars the women drive. When he sees the right kind of woman in the right kind of car, he hands her his phone number.

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Let me tell you why I don’t buy this: Ray J has plenty of money on his own. You didn’t think the executive producer credit on so many highly rated reality shows was for the hell of it, did you? Exactly, which is why while I wouldn’t be surprised if Ray was on the prowl (as our most single people), but definitely not for a financial come up.


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