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The relatives of the late songstress Whitney Houston (pictured) are planning to have her body encased in cement in order to put the brakes on any grave robbers who are making plans to get their hands on any of the pricey baubles that she is buried in, according to the Daily Star.

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Houston, who passed away unexpectedly at the age 48 due to accidental drowning which was a result of heart disease and chronic drug use, was laid to rest in jewelry that is reportedly worth $500,000.  The grave site of the pop princess has had armed security to protect it not only from obsessed fans, but also from potential thieves, who might want to get at those gems buried with Houston.

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A close friend of the family says that Cissy Houston, Whitney’s mother, cannot afford to continue to pay the private security guards who have been keeping a vigil at her daughter’s grave located in Westfield, New Jersey:

“Cissy can’t afford to keep paying guards forever. A concrete encasement is the only answer.”

The Houston family’s wishes are not as bizarre as some might think.  When pop icon Michael Jackson passed away nearly three years ago, his family also wanted to have his coffin entombed in concrete immediately after the funeral in order to keep crazed fans from digging it up.

Placing a coffin in concrete will deter anyone from gaining access to it, because it would take an exorbitant amount of time to get to it — even if using a pneumatic drill, according to a burial expert at Hollywood Forever who spoke to the Daily Star, the final resting place of Tinsel Town’s top celebs.

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