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Brook Bello has starred in a number of commercials, stage plays and TV shows, most notably science fiction hit Stargate SGI.

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Also an author and poet, Bello (Born Brook Susan Parker) released a collection of poems To Soar Without Leaving The Ground. Although her striking good looks belie her troubled past, Bello is embarking on an ambitious mission to focus on the horrors of sex trafficking in a revealing new documentary Survivor: Living Above The Noise.

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Teaming with Washington-based International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute (IBWPPI), Bello’s documentary focuses on her past as a victim of sexual assault and abuse at the age of 11; this then drove her to excessive drinking. Bello would eventually run away from home and fall under the wings of a madam in Los Angeles, becoming a prostitute. Working the streets eventually got her arrested New York for prostitution, but it also opened up an opportunity to return to Los Angeles where she pursued her acting career.

Bello hopes that the documentary will bring about much-needed awareness of how young people are forced into illegal sex work and the like. She likens herself as a champion of those voiceless few who are trapped by circumstances beyond their control.

“Through the film, I speak for those who didn’t make their way out,” Bello told African-American female leaders meeting in Washington last month at a gathering held by the International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute. “I speak for the prostitutes on the street.”

Bello also began a non-profit “More Too Life” and the mentoring program “Above The Noise,” the latter focusing on crimes and abuses against women and offering measures for treatment and prevention.


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