Two Darlington, South Carolina elementary school bus aides Tomeka Self  (pictured in blue)and Rosanna Dudley (pictured in white) were arrested and charged with assault and battery for repeatedly striking a 10-year-old special needs child who could not speak. The incident was recorded on camera, reports Carolina Live.

The St. John Elementary School student sat defenselessly in his seat weeping as the ruffians struggled to put on his safety harness. The child never lashed out at the women. The disturbing minute and a half long video shows them hitting the little boy on his body, slapping him on the face, pushing his head down and yelling at him to “hush.”

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Although the other children’s faces on the bus are blurred on the video, the victim’s mother allowed her son’s face to be seen.

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Police investigators have pulled all of the videos from the bus and reviewed them. They state that there have been no previous incidents of abuse towards the special needs children who have been on the bus.

Meanwhile, the accused women have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of this investigation.

They are both set to appear in court May 9th.

WATCH Recording Of Attack Below


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