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When R&B singer Keyshia Cole and her riveting family hit the small screen a few years ago, they were truly the talk of the town.  Now the petite crooner is giving reality TV yet another shot with NBA baller husband Daniel Gibson and their son Daniel Jr. The working title on their upcoming BET show is “Keyshia Cole:  Family First,” reports Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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The six-part series, which is slated to tentatively premiere in the fall, will feature Cole as she juggles being a wife, mother, daughter, sister, businesswoman and songstress who is working on another album.  The trailblazing 30-year-old platinum selling recording artist is credited as being one of the first Black female celebrities to take part in a reality show.

Cole’s 2006 hit reality show “The Way It Is” featured the zany and boisterous members of her clan.  Cole’s mother, Frankie, a former drug addict who is by no means a poster child for motherhood, became one of the series breakout stars with her loud, boorish manner. Cole’s around-the-way girl sister Neffe also kept the laughs coming.  The comedy team of louder and loudest got their own spinoff show in 2009 called “Frankie and Neffe” which only lasted one season.

Cole’s show ended in 2008 and since then, she married Cleveland Cavaliers guard Gibson and gave birth to a baby boy.  Professionally, her light has dimmed with a 2010 album “Calling All Hearts” producing no hits.  So the time is just right for Cole to get herself back into the public eye before her next album project premieres.


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