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Several New York Police Department (NYPD) cops are being accused of brutality for beating 19-year-old Bronx teen Jateik Reed in what many are saying is a case of an illegal “Stop and Frisk,” NY 1 reports.


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The incident, which took place in January of this year, was captured by surveillance video from a nearby building. It shows officers beating the teen on the ground with batons while kicking and punching him after he was clearly no threat to the officers.

WATCH Video Of NYPD Cops Beating Jateik Reed

The officers claim that the teen had drugs in his hand. Reed was charged for multiple crimes. But surveillance video shows the teen walking with his hands out and no drugs were in view. Several former NYPD cops say the video shows that the officers’ actions were inappropriate.

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Retired NYPD captain John Eterno says it appears Reed shouldn’t have been stopped in the first place:

“The officers would have to only go in their pockets if they had reasonable suspicion, if there was a weapon in there. And given what I’ve seen on the film I’m not sure they had that reasonable suspicion,” Eterno said.

The Bronx district attorney later dropped the charges. As for the claims of hitting and kicking by police, the same criminal complaint said, “The defendant flailed his arms, refusing to be handcuffed at which time the defendant struck informant (the officer) in his nose with a closed fist.”

It does appear Reed tried to get away. But on the video he does not throw a punch. Still, after the melee starts, an officer appears to be checking his nose. Also in the exclusive surveillance video, a female officer walks over and kicks Reed while he’s handcuffed.

Reeds lawyer wants the Bronx DA to charge the officers with assault and filing a false report — something Colleen Meenan, a former NYPD sergeant and lawyer, agrees with.

“They were looking to protect themselves for assaulting this young man, appearing to brutalize him. And so there was an effort to me to cover up what happened,” Meenan said.

The Reed’s lawyer wants the Bronx DA to charge the cops involved with the teen’s beating to be charged with assault and filing a false report.

Go to NY 1 for more on this story.


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