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Shaquille O’Neal may be the most charismatic athlete in the history of sports. However, a product of being charismatic is being an engaging speaker. In order to be engaging, one must say something of substance and/or “shock value.” Shaquille O’Neal often goes the route of shock jock and usually wins over anybody who is listening. However, some of his most recent “shock jock” statements may have finally come back to bite him in the butt.

Biggest big-man ever. The Diesel. MVP Winner. Four-time NBA Championship Winner. Yes, Shaq has all of the credentials, and he has won just about every thing there is to win in his profession. However, this year, he won’t win his battle of the words with either Kobe Bryant or Stan Van Gundy.

As many of you all know, Shaq had the pleasure of singing a not so pleasant tune about Kobe last summer. I believe the lyrics went something like, “Kobe, tell me how my a** taste.” As charming as that historic video of Shaq ripping Kobe was, his ridicule of Kobe’s inability to win an NBA championship without him is now coming back at Shaq full-force. Because little did Shaq know, Kobe Bryant would be headed right back to the NBA Finals, and this time, it is looking like he is indeed going to take home the trophy.

Of course, Shaq has ripped other people over his career, including, but not limited to, Phil Jackson, the Sacramento “Queens,” Vlade Divac, the Los Angeles Lakers, and Eric Dampier.

However, Shaq’s latest victim, Stan Van Gundy, the coach of the Orlando Magic, is now coaching in the NBA Finals. Shaq called Van Gundy a front-runner and the “master of panic”; two phrases that no coach should ever be attached to. And not only did Shaq call him that, but he essentially got the entire sports world to debate and analyze just how much of a “Master of Panic” Stan Van Gundy actually is. However, it may be Van Gundy who gets the last laugh. If he can win an NBA Championship, he will undoubtedly put Shaq in his place. And believe me, it is not beyond Van Gundy to put players and the media in their place, as he did with a 76ers player earlier in the playoffs, and as he scoffed at the media after beating the Boston Celtics.

So no matter who wins this year’s NBA Finals, it appears as if Shaq will come out the loser. I guess the only question is, which outcome hurts Shaq less? The answer may be not so hidden in Shaq’s recent Twitter message where he claims that he is rooting for Kobe Bryant to win his fourth championship. Given the type of disdain that Kobe and Shaq have exhibited for one another over the years, that says a lot about just how much Shaq hates a Master of Panic.

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