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Donald R. Sherman (pictured left) attempted to rob a Broadview, Ill., bank on Monday while disguised as a woman by claiming he had a bomb, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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The 51-year-old donned dark sunglasses, a wig, and hat with the word Obama stitched on it, a floral dress and was carrying a large black tote bag as he entered the MB Financial bank at about 1:20 p.m. in Broadview, which is just 13 miles west of Chicago.

According to the FBI, Sherman claimed to have had a bomb strapped to his chest and he threatened the branch manager and then a teller, demanding $70,000 in cash.

“Could you fill these bags with $70,000 … they’re going to kill us,” were the words allegedly uttered by Sherman, according to the teller he threatened. Sherman reportedly didn’t explain who “they” were.  The teller refused to give the 6-foot-plus man the monies and directed him to the branch manager.

When the bank manager pretended to go and get the monies, he signaled for the police instead via a silent alarm.  Law enforcement descended upon the banking institution immediately, and when Sherman stepped outside without any money, he was arrested.

While officers patted Sherman down, they stumbled upon two blue balloons that were strategically placed where a woman’s breasts would be located.  The man admitted to police that he had dressed as a woman and also confessed to having told bank employees that he had a bomb on his person.

Sherman is being charged with attempted robbery and is being held pending his next scheduled court appearance.

Luckily, no one was injured during the foiled caper.

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