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A New Jersey police officer who punched a man and struck him with a baton during an incident captured by a security camera has been reassigned while the matter is investigated.

Passaic officer Joseph J. Rios III has not been charged in the May 29 incident, but has been assigned to desk duty.

“The video of this incident is extremely disconcerting, but I urge the community to withhold judgment until a complete investigation of the incident is concluded and reviewed by independent law enforcement officials,” Mayor Alex Blanco said in a statement issued late Saturday.

The video shows Rios and at least one other officer drive by Ronnie Holloway, who was on a street corner. The officers then talk with Holloway before Rios exits the cruiser and throws him against a car hood and to the pavement, then hits him repeatedly.

Holloway, who was not seriously injured, denied any wrongdoing. He was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and wandering with the intent to buy narcotics.

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