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Former substitute teacher Tiffany Michelle Amos (pictured) was arrested and charged with the online solicitation of a minor, when she admitted to police, she was well aware, that the student whom she was engaging in a sexual relationship with was a 16-year-old minor, reports the Houston Chronicle.

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The 25-year-old woman got a job as a substitute teacher at the Westfield High School in Houston back in March.  When she reportedly encountered the teen, they exchanged cell phone numbers and began communicating via calls and text messages.

Court documents state that Amos knew the boy was 16 when she sent him the nude photos of herself via texts.  Amos also came clean and admitted that she and the youth had consensual sex on his 17th birthday and a few times after that as well.

According to police, Amos only had inappropriate relations with just the one student.

School officials terminated Amos immediately upon hearing about the felony allegations.  The Spring Independent School District also issued a statement, reports the Houston Chronicle, about the Amos investigation:

The safety of our students is of the highest importance. The criminal history and references of job applicants, including those who apply to serve as substitutes, are routinely checked before they are hired. The district takes every allegation seriously and with the Spring ISD police department, will always conduct a thorough investigation.

Meanwhile bail for Amos has been set at $5,000.