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Georgia police officer Jerad Wheeler is under criminal investigation for kicking the stomach of 9-months pregnant Raven Dozier, then charging her with obstruction of justice, reports the Huffington Post.

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According to the December 12, 2011 incident report, the Dekalb County cop claims that after using a taser on her brother, Darius Usher,  he gave Dozier “three verbal commands to ‘Get back.'” When she didn’t he kicked her stomach “just as he was taught in police academy.”

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The Huffington Post reports:

“This officer is just another loose cannon,” Dozier’s attorney, Mark Bullman, told The Huffington Post. “And I don’t know how a 180-pound pregnant woman comes at you aggressively.”

Bullman says that Wheeler, at the advice of his supervisor, arrested Dozier because he would “need to be justified” for kicking a pregnant woman if “something were to happen to the baby.”

“At the time of the altercation it was very dark and Ms. Dozier had a larger shirt on,” Wheeler wrote in his report. “I could not tell by the sight of her at the time that she was pregnant.”

Wheeler placed Dozier in the back seat of his vehicle and brought her to the police station. Authorities gave her a choice.

“They asked me did I want to go to jail or to the hospital,” Dozier later wrote in a complaint filed with the Dakalb County Police. “I said I wanted to go to the hospital.”

Doctors could already see contusions and spotting, according to Bullman. The attorney says that the infant became ill within the womb as a result of defecation from the impact.

According to a WSBTV report, Dozier filed a complaint after the incident and Wheeler’s actions were ruled to have met policy by four supervisors and internal affairs.

Dozier’s son, Levi, was born prematurely by emergency C-section 2 weeks later.