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First Lady Michelle Obama and talk show diva Oprah Winfrey are not all smiles and buddy-buddy as they’d like us all to believe according to the new book “The Amateur:  Barack Obama in the White House” by Ed Klein, reports RadarOnline.

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The two female powerhouses have allegedly had some ugly confrontations before and after Barack Obama was elected president.  Reportedly, Mrs. Obama has accused Oprah of using the White House to her own advantage in order to hike up her TV ratings. Both women are also being accused of raking each other over the coals to close associates.

But wait, it supposedly gets nastier!

As Barack Obama’s inauguration drew near, Oprah’s calls to Michelle allegedly went unreturned. According to the book’s author, Oprah felt as if she had been kicked to the curb.
Mrs. Obama has also allegedly talked about the burgeoning weight of the woman whose endorsement netted her husband 1,015,559 votes and decided the primary election, while Oprah has reportedly referred to the First Lady as someone who hates fat people.
On another alleged occasion, Oprah invited Mrs. Obama to discuss childhood obesity, which is a cause she is passionate about, and was turned down. The book claims that Oprah was pretty peeved about the rejection by Michelle Obama and reportedly stated, “Michelle hates fat people and doesn’t want me waddling around the White House!” Klein then alleged Mrs. Obama told her staff, regarding the invite to Oprah’s show to discuss obesity, “Oprah, with her yo-yo dieting and huge girth is a terrible role model. Kids will look at Oprah, who’s rich and famous and huge, and figure it’s OK to be fat.”
Klein does state that the president has maintained his close ties with Oprah despite the fact that his wife has delegated the job of dealing with her to aides. Sources also contend that the president telephones Oprah at night to get her opinion on how he can become more popular with the masses, which makes the allegedly jealous Mrs. Obama not very happy. “Michelle thinks he should turn to her, not Oprah, for that kind of advice,” the book quotes an anonymous source.
When our president supplicated to his missus to extend the olive branch to Oprah, sources told Klein that is why Michelle taped a May 2011 interview for one of Oprah’s final shows.That peace offering has done zilch to do away with the intense dislike that both women reportedly have for each other, according to Klein.
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