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Sinclaire Coffer (pictured), a high school senior with autism, is not being allowed to graduate because he reportedly failed the state required exam’s Math section five times, reports Huffington Post.

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Even though Coffer has managed to pass every other section of the state’s educational exam, the Math section has been an uphill battle for the student because of his disability.  According to the 17-year-old’s mother, Linda Coffer, she has hired private tutors to try and help her son with math.  “He’s taken classes that are offered by the school in summer and throughout the school year.  But once he starts it, and he learns it, he can do it. But when you walk away, he forgets the steps,” the Mom lamented to Fox 5 Atlanta.

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Still, the Fulton County Board of Education is taking a hard stance against Coffer graduating and refuses to budge.  Linda even applied for a waiver, which would have enabled her son to graduate even though he failed Math.  Yet again, the county Board of Ed administrators have stood their ground and voted unanimously to deny the senior student’s graduation request.

Ironically, the Department of Education has changed the law to say that all senior students must pass the Math test in order to graduate but these changes won’t take effect until the following school year which will be too late for Coffer.

Last year, there were approximately 16 percent of students who failed the Math section of the state academic tests, according to the Board of Education.

Meanwhile, Coffer is in limbo regarding his graduation fate.

“It hurts my heart because he is such a good person. And for him not to graduate and not to be able to pursue his dreams, it’s really just an injustice,” said sister Capri Coffer to Fox 5 Atlanta.

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Watch video of Sinclaire’s hardship here.


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