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Is there a significant black presence in the digital space? Tomorrow will be the third installment of the annual Digital Summit that’s designed to stimulate conversation around technology topics important to the black community. This year’s topic will be “The Entrepreneur and the Big Media Company: What Role Do ‘Acqui-Hires’ Play in the Media M&A Landscape.” If you fancy yourself to have been bitten by the entrepreneurship bug, or are just interested in technology in general the event will definitely be worth it. The Moderator will be Ty Ahmad-Taylor, CEO of FanFeedr. Speakers will include the Founders and CEOs of companies like Collective, Hot Potato, and Union Square Ventures. There will also be Networking afterwards so don’t forget to bring your business cards. Go here for more information and Admission details.

Featured Speakers:

  • Heidi Messer,CEO and Co-Founder, World Evolved; Co-Founder and Chairman, Collective
  • Saadiq Rodgers-King, Former Head of Product, Hot Potato
  • Andy Weissman,Partner, Union Square Ventures
  • Denmark West,Digital Media Executive


  • Ty Ahmad-Taylor, CEO, FanFeedr

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