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As clashes between the Sudans escalate, a mediator from the 54-state African Union arrived in Khartoum Thursday to reinstate peace discussions, reports AFP.

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Thabo Mbeki arrived in the Sudan’s capital city, disobeying orders by United Nation Security Council demands to meet on Wednesday. However, negotiations are said to be near to going underway.

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Mbeki, the former president of South Africa, seeks to meet in a two-day stretch with Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir and other officials, foreign ministry spokesman Al-Obeid Meruh said to AFP.

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“He is encouraging both sides to put proposals on the table on the key issues that have divided the countries,” said United States’ leading diplomat for Africa, Johnnie Carson. “While there has not been a full resumption of discussions between the two sides, things are being done,” Carson added.

“We want them to be done much faster, and with greater alacrity and commitment” he added.

The violence is said to have largely ended, although tensions are still high between military forces in the region.