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Dr. Christian Head, the UCLA faculty professor who filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against the university after alleging that he was routinely humiliated, including being depicted as a sodomized gorilla during a slide show, has taken to YouTube to air his grievances, reports the Huffington Post.

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Head is the first and only Black tenured professor in UCLA’s Otolaryngology (Head and Neck) surgery department. His lawsuit specifically names colleagues Dr. Marilene Wang and Dr. Gerald Burke, accusing them of making inappropriate and racist comments over the years about Black Americans.

He filed the 40-page complaint filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, reports the Los Angeles Times, accusing UC Regents of “failing to prevent discrimination, harassment and retaliation.”

“I am very discouraged,” Head said in an interview at the time. “I am very disappointed with the behavior.”

University spokesman Phil Hampton, claimed that an investigation concluded that there was no evidence to “substantiate unlawful activity.” He also claims that Head was told to take his issues to the Academic Senate committee and had declined to do so.

Dr. Head, who says that he was humiliated to see himself portrayed as a gorilla being sodomized, claims that he has exerted considerable effort trying to address this matter, but to no avail.

“To hear the groans and laughter, I just thought it was so dehumanizing,” Head said. “I think the purpose of it was to suggest that I was subhuman. It was a very graphic, sexual act, and I think the lack of response afterward was astonishing.

“These are the types of slides prospective grads would not want to show for fear they would not get jobs afterward,” he continued. “They were extremely mean-spirited and extremely racist, with no accountability.

“An online petition accompanies the video. Many are calling for UCLA Chancellor Gene Block to take the necessary actions to restore UCLA’s reputation as a renowned academic institution that embraces diversity, promotes equality and treats its diverse employees, faculty and students with the dignity they deserve.”

Head claims that he has also faced damaging retaliation from his colleagues, including being passed over for teaching positions and other opportunities.


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