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A six-year-old kindergartener reportedly showed his classmates a bag of weed during the school’s show-and-tell,” the St. Petersburg Times reports.

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“Look what I got,” the young child is reported as saying during his presentation. The teacher says the child was “beaming” when he showed his bag of weed. Police were called to the school soon after the incident.

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The child’s father, Larry Cornelius Stephens, 25, of St. Petersburg Florida, is accused of placing the 83-gram bag of weed in his child’s backpack. A scale was also recovered. Stephens has been charged with child abuse and possession of marijuana with intent to sell.

Police say that Stephens put the scale and marijuana in his child’s backpack before dropping him off at school on Tuesday morning. Stephens reportedly returned to the school asking for his weed, saying he needed it to “take care of his business and take care of his family.” He left after learning that his green was confiscated, but eventually turned himself in after learning police were looking for him.

Police say Stephens told them that the bud found in his kid’s backpack was for personal use. But police believe that he intended to sell it.

It is not clear whether or not Stephens intended to put the weed in his child’s backpack.

You can also go to, a local television station in Tampa Bay, FL, to see a video version of the story. His family says it is all a big misunderstanding and that Stephens is a good father.


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