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Actor Todd Bridges (pictured), who is known for his public struggles with both fame and drugs after his ’70s sitcom hit “Diff’rent Strokes,” is splitting from his wife, Dori (pictured), of 14 years, reports People Magazine.

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Bridges, who also had an occasional acting stint on the now-defunct TV sitcom “Everybody Hates Chris,” reported the news of his breakup on his Twitter account:

Todd Bridges@ToddBridges

She’s a great mother im glad to have had the years to know her and have a great kid with her as we know, people grow apart and we did

The Bridges’ marital problems were first made public back in 2007, when they appeared together on reality show “Decision House,” where couples received on-camera therapy to save their marriage.

Now, just five years later, the pair, who have two children, have called it quits.

On Monday, Bridges tweeted:

Todd Bridges@ToddBridges

Life is full of changes God allows them to better your life. Either you except his changes now or you painfully deal with them. GOD has you

Watch Bridges act on “Diff’rent Strokes” here:

The 47-year-old has had a rocky road since living the high life as a celebrated child actor.  Battling the demons of crack cocaine for many years during his 20s, Bridges was arrested and tried for the attempted murder of a drug dealer back in 1988 and was acquitted. Famed lawyer Johnnie Cochran, who is best-known for defending ex-NFL star O.J. Simpson in 1995 before passing away in 2005, successfully represented Bridges during the highly publicized legal proceedings.

Just a few years later, in 1993, Bridges was accused of stabbing a fellow tenant with a kitchen knife, and again, he was exonerated on a self-defense plea.

In 2010, Bridges released an autobiographical book called “Killing Willis,” where he discussed the devastating experience of being molested by his mentor and publicist at the age of 11.

Watch Bridges talk about his tumultuous life here: