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Brandy Fonteneaux, the U.S. Army Specialist who was stabbed 74 times in her barracks on Fort Carson in Colorado, was killed by a fellow soldier Army Sgt. Vincinte Jackson, TV station KRIV Fox 26 in Houston reports.

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Fonteneaux was not killed in combat.

This story was reported by many news organizations back in January of this year, but the exact cause of Fonteneaux’s death and the person responsible for the crime are new details to this case.

Jackson, who is facing a military court martial, has reportedly confessed and is claiming that he experienced a psychotic break on the night he killed 28-year-old Fonteneaux.

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The psychotic break reportedly took place after a night of drinking and when he entered her room not too long after.

According to the coroner’s report, Fonteneaux was “stabbed and sliced four times in the head and neck, eleven times in the chest, sixteen times in the arms and legs and 43 times in the back. In all, the coroner’s report counted 74 stab injuries.” She was also choked.

Her mother, Veronica Fonteneaux, says her daughter weighed 100 pounds. She also said that she was so invested in knowing exactly what happened to Brandy that she watched the video of the pathologist “picking her daughter’s body apart.”

“He stood by her bed and he touched it and that’s what startled her and woke her up,” Fonteneaux told KRIV Fox 26 Houston. “And he just started stabbing her. She tried to break away, but — just too many wounds.”

She said the details of her daughter’s death kept her in bed for four days. On Memorial Day, the mother said she could not bring herself to visit her daughter’s grave at the Houston National Cemetery. Her two sons, however, did.

As for Fonteneaux’s reported killer, his fate is still unknown.

Jackson’s lawyers argued during a military hearing last Friday that he shouldn’t be tried because he wasn’t “in his right mind” when he killed Fonteneaux.

Fonteneaux had been in the Army for two years and was a food services specialist in the 4th Engineer Batallion