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Former NBA star player and current TNT basketball game analyst “Sir” Charles Barkley has been voted as the  “Favorite Announcer” for the NBA’s Player’s Poll, according to a Sports Illustrated poll.

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While the former All-Star has been awarded the best announcer, he is actually game analyst. Still, Barkley, whose colorful TV antics on “Inside the NBA” has earned him a faithful following with his comical banter and no-holds barred opinions, has a style that is quite reminiscent of boxing legend Muhammad Ali. Even though the former All Star’s lack of a verbal filter, Barkley has won more fans than enemies with his knee-slapping humorous look at everything on the B-ball court.

In addition to being named a favorite announcer, even beating out legendary greats such as Marv Albert, who came in at No. 7 on the list, Barkley was also given the prestigious honor of being named “One of the Best Characters on TV” by Rolling Stone magazine last fall.

On his cable network TNT show, Barkley shares center stage with cohorts Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and now Shaquille O’Neal (who came in at No. 9 on the “Favorite Announcer” list).  The camaraderie of the four men appears to be genuine, with each offering fresh views that keeps fans entertained on the small screen.

Yet, despite the fact that Barkley tends to not fully understand statistical issues, getting them wrong more often than not and he sometimes seems to pay attention to few teams outside of the title contenders, he is a fun personality to watch.

If you’d like to see who else made the Sports Illustrated list, check it out: 

1. Charles Barkley, TNT.   

2. Jeff Van Gundy, ESPN/ABC.

3. Steve Kerr, TNT.

4. Reggie Miller, TNT.

5. Mike Breen, ESPN/ABC.

6. Hubie Brown, ESPN.

7. Marv Albert, TNT.

8. Bill Walton, Sacramento/Boston.

9. Shaquille O’Neal, TNT.

10. Walt Frazier, New York.

11. Tommy Heinsohn, Boston.

12. Chris Webber,  TNT.

13. Craig Sager, TNT.

14. George Blaha, Detroit.

15. Mark Jackson, formerly ESPN.