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Rabble-rousing conservative talking head Bill O’Reilly (pictured) has shamelessly promoted politically and racially divisive tactics in the past. In a sure attempt to keep the cameras rolling and focused on his person, the Fox News television personality added another feather in his crowded off-color quip cap by openly supporting racial profiling and New York’s “Stop-And-Frisk” law Tuesday morning.

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As a guest on Fox morning show “Fox & Friends,” O’Reilly said he viewed “Stop-And-Frisk” as an effective deterrent to crime in New York. “This is about racism,” said O’Reilly addressing the N.Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo-backed proposal that would decriminalize low-level marijuana possession arrests. “This is a racial story, not a drug story.”

He added, “Here in the city, we have “stop-and-frisk” laws that have brought crime way down. The cops know who the wiseguys are, who the dealers are, who the punks are, and they know who the muggers are, and they try to get these guys on anything.”

What O’Reilly failed to acknowledge is that those “guys” that are being targeted in the invasive police policy are overwhelmingly young men of color.

Ironically, in the same segment, O’Reilly mentioned Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed soda ban while artfully mentioning that obese and unhealthy Americans are a tax burden to working citizens.

Yet, O’Reilly applauds the draconian acts of the NYPD of throwing low-level offenders “into the system” – which also burdens taxpayer’s pockets?

O’Reilly was comfortable in naming the racial implications of the law but didn’t share the glaring numbers. Last year alone, 684,000 persons were stopped under the frisk law, with nearly 90 percent stopped being Black or Hispanic. Nearly 90 percent of the frisked individuals were innocent of any crime, with a scant 6 percent of the stops leading to a substantial arrest. The clear implication in this law is simple: Black and Hispanic men in New York are targets of a racially motivated practice that assumes the worst of them.

It seems that these days being conservative is synonymous with being a racist hypocrite.

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